July 22, 2024

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Top tips for success in your online nursing course

How do you prepare to start an online nursing course? Online learning is not the same as in-person instruction, and you have to create a study schedule and stick to it if you want to succeed. 

Keep in mind that exams are not easier just because you are learning online. Although you might enjoy a flexible schedule, it is more challenging in some ways because it requires a lot of discipline. 

To become a qualified nurse, you have to complete all modules and gain practical skills with clinical placement. How can you make sure that you do it successfully? Here are some tips.

Understand your course requirements

Online courses differ depending on where you are enrolled. Some courses require that you meet your instructors and peers face-to-face for a set number of hours before earning your degree. 

Others, like Wilkes’ online ABSN program, are accelerated, which means that you cover the curriculum on your own in a shorter time than in a traditional online nursing course.

Understanding what is needed in your online nursing course allows you to plan better and avoid rushing at the last minute to meet the requirements. 

Have a daily routine

One of the main advantages of taking an online nursing course is that it offers flexibility. However, this doesn’t give you the freedom to study haphazardly. You are more likely to succeed if you have a daily routine that includes a few hours of study time. 

Allow yourself time to learn at a good pace, don’t leave everything to the last minute. You’ll need that time to study for exams. 

Create a conducive learning space

You can study anywhere you want as long as it is quiet and you can focus. Some people choose to do the bulk of their course in their local library, where there are no distractions. 

If you plan to study at home, make sure you set up a quiet room away from the rest of the family where you can study without interruptions for several hours. 

Meet your peers and instructors

Meeting other students is a great way to learn; they know things you don’t and can introduce new perspectives. Take the time to join online forums and participate in the discussions. 

Your instructors are your greatest resource, however. They can answer your questions and guide you to additional resources for more knowledge. Take the time to interact with them in the course of your studies. 

Go through the introductory material for every course

Many times, students miss important things because they ignored the introductory material for their courses. Read the notes and watch the videos so you know what is expected of you for each module. 

Find learning strategies that work for you

Some people learn best early in the morning, while others can sneak in an hour or two during lunch or later in the evening. Some people learn best by watching videos, while others prefer to read or listen. Use whatever works best for you. 


Online nursing courses have become quite popular, and your success depends on how prepared you are. Understand the course requirements before you start and make sure to go through the onboarding material carefully. Set aside time to study every day and stay connected with your instructors and peers, and you will be well on the path to earning your degree!