Why Consider Sending Your Teen to Military Schools?

There are many reasons why parents would consider sending their children to military schools. A lot of them see these schools to be a wonderful place for students to learn self-discipline and aspire for excellence in everything that they do, especially in academics. Some parents have the idea of sending their teens to military school in order to discipline or punish them for being defiant or for getting into trouble. It’s better to do your own research and decide for yourself whether a military school would be the best option for your child or not.

Military schools are different from military boot camps in several key aspects. Traditional schools often have a very stringent admissions process and would not admit teens who show no leadership potential, have problems with their attitude and grades, and who don’t pass their criteria of a good candidate. This is why military schools are often not the correct or applicable choice for troubled teens. Military schools can be a great stepping stone to a successful college education and has consistently maintained their reputation of producing excellent students. Why is this so?

First, the structure that is promoted in such schools aim to instill discipline in every aspect of students’ lives. Whether it’s in picking up after themselves or doing their assignments during study period, strong and fair discipline that promotes being responsible for one’s self is a key factor in students’ success.

Classes and study halls are supervised and consistently attended by students. It encourages alloting a specific time for studying and provides a conducive environment for thinking and doing school work. Since most of these schools have small class sizes, teachers can immediately see which students seem like they are struggling with their lessons and give them extra class work or help them out through peer tutoring or similar efforts.

Then there’s also the fact that these schools promote the personal growth of each student. There are many leadership opportunities for students to take, from parades or military exercises to sports and performing arts activities. These schools put a lot of emphasis on being an effective part of a team and how teamwork builds character. In such school, much emphasis is placed on esprit de corp and forming friendships in order to support and encourage one another.

While it’s true that not all schools will require students to participate in military exercises, JROTC and similar activities, most will have a healthy emphasis on physical activities. A lot of them will have facilities for sports and outdoor activities. Many such schools believe that physical activities are good for each child’s development and that students can learn valuable lessons while playing sports, such as teamwork, sportsmanship, a drive for excellence and achievement, among others.

These schools have been successful in producing productive members of society who excel in different industries (not just in military careers). However, they’re not all the same. It’s still best to do your research about them before you send your child to such schools. You can even visit the school and see if your child is a fit to their kind of environment.

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