Useful Information on Getting into Military Schools in the United States

A lot of people want to get into military academies these days, but not all of them will be a good fit. Some people want to get in a military academy because they want to have the honor of serving the country. Some recognize that military academies provide an excellent quality of education, and that having graduated from these institutions can be quite prestigious. Some do it as a matter of family tradition, especially for those who come from families of military men. Others hope to be able to take advantage of the attractive benefits and advantages of being military service someday.

If you want to get into a military academy, it helps to know that their screening process is quite stringent. Here are a few military academy information that may help you out:

  1. Work on your grades – If you want to gain admission, it’s best to work on your grades and push them as high as you can. There’s a misconception that military academies admit troubled teens with behavioral issues, but that’s really not the case. In fact, military academies are more likely to pick students who show an obvious drive for excellence and who perform well in school. Good grades are the starting point of getting a higher chance of admission. Most military academy students belong to the top 20% of their classes back in high school. While grades are very important in getting admitted into military academies, they’re not everything that’s considered essential.
  2. Get a nomination – Another part of the admissions process of military schools is an official nomination from congressment, senator, Vice President or President of the country. It sounds like a daunting task to secure something like this, but it is attainable. The key is get to know these officials. Try sending letters to their office, or better yet, go there and volunteer for any of their projects. You can try securing an informal internship or ask for an appointment. If you work hard to show that you really want it, chances are you’ll get the nomination that you need.
  3. Be a community leader – Here’s an important piece of military education information; they’re really big on leadership. Show that you are a leader in your community by participating in socio-civic projects and giving your time to lead fellow young people in these projects. Get to know who the leaders of your community are, find out what projects are already existing or if you can put together a project for the community. These are traits of a true leader which will help you get into military academies.
  4. Prepare for your exams – Do your best to be well-prepared for your ACT and SAT exams. Your scores in these exams will count as a big part of your admission in a military school.
  5. Be part of your high school’s varsity team – Being able to produce high grades while a member of a varsity team works to your advantage when applying for admissions to military academies. Not to mention that being able to pass the physical fitness tests and military-style drills would be a great advantage.

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