Tips on Selecting the Right Military School for Troubled Teens

If you’re a parent of a troubled teen, chances are you believe that sending him/her to military school may help straighten their path. You’re not alone in this situation. Many parents face difficult times trying to raise their teens and are wondering whether sending them to military school would help, and which school would they choose.

The important thing to understand here is that not all military schools will open their gates to troubled teens. In fact, many military schools (especially the more traditional ones) have a very stringent admissions process which includes written exams, interviews, recommendation letters, etcetera. Most will not accept teens who have had run-ins with the law, problems with substance abuse, and more. However, there are institutions that would be just right for troubled teens.

Finding the right military school for troubled teens can be quite challenging. There could be a lot of research involved in finding the right school for your teen. Of course, these kinds of schools can be quite expensive. You may also want to ask about their financial assistance program, if they have any.

Finding the right school that handles troubled teens might not just keep your teen out of trouble, it’s actually a chance to inspire real change in their life. Change that will help them make better choices and become better-adjusted adults. The right military school has a structure that’s designed specifically for challenging teens. The right kind of military school would have a great track record about handling defiant, dysfunctional teens.

Many troubled teens would struggle with their academics. They may have poor or failing marks if they haven’t already dropped out of school. Good military schools will have an academic program designed specifically for teens with different needs. You’ll be able to see such schools that employs different means of engaging troubled teens and showing them that they can do better in school. Typically, they’ll have small class sizes, they may encourage teens to learn through experience, they’ll integrate many physical activities in the curriculum, and many more. You can ask the schools of your choice what their track record is of helping their former students go on to college.

Good military schools will use the traditional military values of honor, excellence, and discipline in their everyday activities. Students may use military uniforms, do military drills, be assigned military titles as they progress in the program. Good military schools will also have no outstanding complaints of abuse and will have competent medical staff with sufficient medical training available in case of emergencies.

Whether or not military schools would answer your teens needs depend on what your teen’s needs are. The truth is that not all teens will be helped by such a rigid structure. The best thing to do is to consult with a therapist first and research your other options. You can explore other options that are available such as therapeutic boarding school. A military school, in fact, can be a good step towards preparing your teen for therapeutic or traditional boarding school.

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